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T’s and C’s

Personal Tax Submission

IRP5 certificates, IT 3(a) certificates and any other certificates from your employer

Obtain tax certificates reflecting contributions to retirement annuity and income protection funds

Obtain tax certificates from the medical institution for all contributions

List medical expenses not recovered from a medical aid and paid by you.

Note that non-prescribed medicine does not qualify as a deduction. Retain proof of payment for all medical expenses

IT3(b) certificates from financial institution or any other institution

From 2010 you may not claim for traveling if you have not kept a logbook!

Capital gain tax became effective from 1 October 2001 and you are requested to provide the market value as at 1 October 2001, as well

as selling price and date of sale of any item that qualifies for capital gain tax, e.g. property which is not your primary residence, shares,

bonds, kruger rand's etc

List of assets and liabilities

Bank name, Branch name, Branch code, Account number, Account name, Account type

Rental income, business/freelance income (if IRP5 or IT3 (a) not issued by employer) etc. If married in community of property, the rental

and investment income of your spouse must also be provided, as well as the foreign taxes (if any) paid by your spouse. If the source of this

income was as a result of an inheritance specifically excluded from the joint estate, you do not have to provide this information for your spouse.

Details of local dividends (even though it is tax-free) and foreign dividends received or accrued

Certificates reflecting lump sums received as a result of retirement from a pension fund and/or retirement annuity fund

Proof of all expenses incurred in the production of commission, rental, business, and/or freelance income

No expenses in respect of an office at home may be claimed, unless a business is run from home, etc (e.g. sole proprietors)

Certificates/receipts reflecting donations (if any), these certificates must be issued in terms of section 18A of the Income Tax Act No. 58 of 1962

If you retired during the tax year, please provide forms A and D which can be obtained from your employer/pension fund

Any other income and expenses you consider taxable that needs to be declared

Any other information we should know about in respect of your tax return submission

Email information, schedules and/or documents to darryll@tax911.co.za or fax to 011 826 5469